Tsunami Disaster

In December 2004, a giant earthquake triggered a massive tsunami that killed thousands of people in Asia. In the days following the disaster, Heather Bosch traveled to Sri Lanka for CBS News and KIRO Radio to report on the recovery efforts.
Tsunami Aftermath, part one
Heather Bosch reporting from Sri Lanka where tsunami victims wait in line for help Sri Lanka map

Note: The reports on this page originally aired on CBS News and KIRO Radio as audio only, but many have since been produced to include pictures and video taken by Bosch and the relief organization *World Vision. In the section below, click the headline to be taken to the article page, or click "play report" to play the report here.

Note: A YouTube playlist of all the reports can be launched here.

*Some of the images on this page come courtesy of World Vision. Your donation can help the next disaster victims.